Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Avengers Initiative puts you in the role of Bruce Banner's green alter-ego as he's sent on a mission by Nick Fury to bag and tag a variety of super-villains that have escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s high-tech prison. Initiative's story has some interesting facets due mostly to its Marvel underpinnings but for the most part the tale is fairly mundane with Hulk moving from location to location battling generic minions while looking for the next villain, with the occasional cutscene thrown in. Supplementals like dossiers that include additional info on the main players is a nice touch, but fan service only goes so far.

 As far as gameplay is concerned, Avengers Initiative takes a large amount of inspiration from Infinity Blade. When battling an enemy, Hulk can attack and parry via swipes, while virtual buttons allow you to block and dodge. Take down a baddie and you earn experience and currency, while losing offers you the choice of restarting the battle (assuming you have a 'recharge pack' which allows you to replay a battle) or starting the game over with your upgrades, money and experience (think generations). You'll quickly learn that a large part of the gameplay revolves around restarting the game over and over in order to battle enemies and gain enough cash and experience to make a difference.

Some small additions to the formula include the addition of ranged attacks which are timed dodges that afford you the opportunity to counter-attack, and the occasional environment-based attack that can have Hulk heave his opponent through walls or over bridges. Other than these minor tweaks, you're left with a barebones battle system that most iOS gamers have already played with.
The fighting system isn't the only aspect Avengers takes from Infinity Blade. The leveling system, currency, augment (i.e. stat-enhancing gems) and upgrade system all borrow from the series. Unfortunately, while most would consider that a good thing, the features just feel off in Avengers. Experience is gained rather slowly and doesn't have any neat gimmicks like the weapon-based experience system of Infinity Blade. Meanwhile, the augment system is relatively barebones and doesn't offer much in terms of stat variety.
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